Meet Your Wedding Memory Makers

About us

Avalon is a team that has been working on photographing and capturing the most important moments of your life for over 25 years.
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Wedding Photographer Vienna, Austria, Österreich, Europe, Worldwide
Luxury wedding photographer Slovenia,Switzerland,Vienna, Croatia, BiH, Serbia, Germany, Berlin
wedding photographer slovenia,switzerland, vienna, croatia, bih, serbia, germany, berlin
wedding photographer
We specialize in preserving the beautiful memories of your special day.


Inspired by different styles, we take photos and record your wedding. You can save your wedding as a permanent and eternal memory in only two ways: a quality wedding photo and a video clip. With wedding photography, it’s all about the moments.

A professional wedding photographer not only has the high end equipment and practiced talent to capture and edit photos from your wedding; they also understand that these moments are both natural and created. They know that both types must be balanced to allow you to enjoy your wedding to the fullest while still having studio quality photographs to commemorate this special day. Our photographers are professionals.

They are skilled at capturing the random moments that will put grins on your families’ faces years later and at posing shots beautiful enough for a bridal magazine without keeping you from the celebration for too long.

Capturing Timeless Wedding Moments

Explore the beauty of destination weddings with Avalon. Contact us to discuss your destination wedding today!